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    燈珠採購信息彙總 大宗採購_ 長期採購_ 配套_ 外協_ 加工_ 出口
    採購小糸車燈 混合动力雷凌大灯灯珠[2023-03-29 08:20:19]

    採購小糸車燈 混合动力雷凌大灯灯珠,广汽丰田雷凌2017款汽油版,大灯多少钱?一套两个。                    广东 广州

    採購統明亮 0.5W RGB灯珠[2022-12-11 14:01:31]

    採購統明亮 0.5W RGB灯珠,车上用的,资料发我评估一下。                  东风 十堰

    採購統明亮燈珠 清单[2022-06-26 15:37:02]

    採購統明亮燈珠 清单,我们有个新品要用这种灯珠,对接一下,长期需求。                    广东 深圳  

    採購LED灯 灯珠[2022-04-02 15:32:37]

    採購LED灯 灯珠,我们今年准备上氛围灯,推荐一下,未来几年比较稳定的,我们产品供主机厂,22年只有20万元左右,23年100万左右。                          广东 广州

    採購統明亮DNY-PJS-VW1-1车规级LED灯珠[2021-12-23 09:01:57]

    採購統明亮DNY-PJS-VW1-1车规级LED灯珠,持送样吗?我这新品送样用,还没起量,后续保守估计月需求30000颗,单板5颗用量。                             安徽 黄山

    採購LED 3535平面白色灯珠[2021-11-09 17:43:36]

    採購LED 3535平面白色灯珠,色温在5000K的,什么价格?我是贸易商,年销售300-400万元。             江苏 丹阳

    光機廠家配套採購車規燈 灯珠 车载led灯[2021-09-23 11:00:35]

    光機廠家配套採購車規燈 灯珠 车载led灯,我们寻替代欧司朗的,选型,规格书发我,我们先确认下能不能用,按最小起定量给我报价,光机单机用量是15PCS,后期大量要(10 万 只+)。                     广东 深圳 LUW CEUP.HD OSLON® Compact CL Compact light source with a typical luminous flux of 260 lm at 1000 mA and an operation range of 50 mA up to 1500 mA. — Head-Up Display LED & Laser Features: — Package: Ceramic package — Chip technology: UX:3 — Typ. Radiation: 120° (Lambertian emitter) — Color: Cx = 0.278, Cy = 0.245 acc. to CIE 1931 (● ultra white) — Corrosion Robustness Class: 3A — Qualifications: The product qualification test plan is based on the guidelines of AEC-Q101-REV-C, Stress Test Qualification for Automotive Grade Discrete Semiconductors. — ESD: 8 kV acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 3B) Ordering Information Type Luminous Flux 1) Ordering Code IF = 1000 mA ΦV LUW CEUP.HD-7M6N-U1U3-8E8G 224 ... 355 lm Q65111A6181 Maximum Ratings Parameter Symbol Values Operating Temperature Top min. max. -40 °C 125 °C Storage Temperature Tstg min. max. -40 °C 125 °C Junction Temperature Tj max. 150 °C Junction Temperature for short time applications* Tj max. 175 °C Forward Current TS = 25 °C IF min. max. 50 mA 1500 mA Surge Current t ≤ 10 µs; D = 0.005 ; TS = 25 °C I FS max. 2500 mA ESD withstand voltage acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 3B) VESD 8 kV Reverse current 2) IR max. 200 mA *The median lifetime (L70/B50) for Tj =175°C is 100h. Characteristics IF = 1000 mA; TS = 25 °C Parameter Symbol Values Chromaticity Coordinate 3) Cx Cy typ. typ. 0.278 0.245 Viewing angle at 50 % IV 2φ typ. 120 ° Forward Voltage 4) IF = 1000 mA VF min. typ. max. 2.75 V 3.05 V 3.50 V Reverse voltage (ESD device) VR ESD min. 45 V Reverse voltage 2) IR = 20 mA VR max. 1.2 V Real thermal resistance junction/solderpoint 5) RthJS real typ. max. 5.7 K / W 7.3 K / W Electrical thermal resistance junction/solderpoint 5) with efficiency ηe = 31 % RthJS elec. typ. max. 3.9 K / W 5.0 K / W Brightness Groups Group Luminous Flux 1) Luminous Flux 1) Luminous Intensity 6) IF = 1000 mA IF = 1000 mA IF = 1000 mA min. max. typ. ΦV ΦV Iv 7M 224 lm 250 lm 78 cd 8M 250 lm 280 lm 88 cd 5N 280 lm 315 lm 98 cd 6N 315 lm 355 lm 111 cd Forward Voltage Groups Group Forward Voltage 4) Forward Voltage 4) IF = 1000 mA IF = 1000 mA min. max. VF VF 8E 2.75 V 3.00 V 8F 3.00 V 3.25 V 8G 3.25 V 3.50 V Color Chromaticity Groups 3) Group Cx Cy U1 0.2526 0.2171 0.2686 0.2473 0.2673 0.2098 0.2512 0.1770 Group Cx Cy U2 0.2686 0.2473 0.2846 0.2775 0.2834 0.2427 0.2673 0.2098 Group Cx Cy U3 0.2846 0.2775 0.3006 0.3077 0.2995 0.2755 0.2834 0.2427 Group Name on Label Example: 5N-U1-8E Brightness Color Chromaticity Forward Voltage 5N U1 8E 图 3 4 5 6 7 Approximate Weight: 7.8 mg Corrosion test: Class: 3A Test condition: 40°C / 90 % RH / 15 ppm H2 S / 14 days (stricter then IEC 60068-2-43) ESD advice: The device is protected by ESD device which is connected in parallel to the Chip For superior solder joint connectivity results we recommend soldering under standard nitrogen atmosphere. Package not suitable for ultra sonic cleaning. Profile Feature Symbol Pb-Free (SnAgCu) Assembly Unit Minimum Recommendation Maximum Ramp-up rate to preheat*) 25 °C to 150 °C 2 3 K/s Time tS TSmin to TSmax tS 60 100 120 s Ramp-up rate to peak*) TSmax to TP 2 3 K/s Liquidus temperature TL 217 °C Time above liquidus temperature tL 80 100 s Peak temperature TP 245 260 °C Time within 5 °C of the specified peak temperature TP - 5 K tP 10 20 30 s Ramp-down rate* TP to 100 °C 3 6 K/s Time 25 °C to TP 480 s All temperatures refer to the center of the package, measured on the top of the component * slope calculation DT/Dt: Dt max. 5 s; fulfillment for the whole T-range 图 10 12 13 14 14-1 Notes The evaluation of eye safety occurs according to the standard IEC 62471:2006 (photo biological safety of lamps and lamp systems). Within the risk grouping system of this IEC standard, the device specified in this data sheet falls into the class moderate risk (exposure time 0.25 s). Under real circumstances (for exposure time, conditions of the eye pupils, observation distance), it is assumed that no endangerment to the eye exists from these devices. As a matter of principle, however, it should be mentioned that intense light sources have a high secondary exposure potential due to their blinding effect. When looking at bright light sources (e.g. headlights), temporary reduction in visual acuity and afterimages can occur, leading to irritation, annoyance, visual impairment, and even accidents, depending on the situation. Subcomponents of this device contain, in addition to other substances, metal filled materials. Metal filled materials can be affected by environments that contain traces of aggressive substances. Therefore, we recommend that customers minimize device exposure to aggressive substances during storage, production, and use. For further application related informations please visit Disclaimer Disclaimer Language english will prevail in case of any discrepancies or deviations between the two language wordings. Attention please! The information describes the type of component and shall not be considered as assured characteristics. Terms of delivery and rights to change design reserved. Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances. For information on the types in question please contact our Sales Organization. If printed or downloaded, please find the latest version on the OSRAM OS webside. Packing Please use the recycling operators known to you. We can also help you – get in touch with your nearest sales office. By agreement we will take packing material back, if it is sorted. You must bear the costs of transport. For packing material that is returned to us unsorted or which we are not obliged to accept, we shall have to invoice you for any costs incurred. Product safety devices/applications or medical devices/applications OSRAM OS components are not developed, constructed or tested for the application as safety relevant component or for the application in medical devices. In case Buyer – or Customer supplied by Buyer– considers using OSRAM OS components in product safety devices/applications or medical devices/applications, Buyer and/or Customer has to inform the local sales partner of OSRAM OS immediately and OSRAM OS and Buyer and /or Customer will analyze and coordinate the customer-specific request between OSRAM OS and Buyer and/or Customer. Glossary 1) Brightness: Brightness values are measured during a current pulse of typically 25 ms, with an internal reproducibility of ±8 % and an expanded uncertainty of ±11 % (acc. to GUM with a coverage factor of k = 3). 2) Reverse Operation: Reverse Operation of 10 hours is permissible in total. Continuous reverse operation is not allowed. 3) Chromaticity coordinate groups: Chromaticity coordinates are measured during a current pulse of typically 25 ms, with an internal reproducibility of ±0.005 and an expanded uncertainty of ±0.01 (acc. to GUM with a coverage factor of k = 3). 4) Forward Voltage: The forward voltage is measured during a current pulse of typically 8 ms, with an internal reproducibility of ±0.05 V and an expanded uncertainty of ±0.1 V (acc. to GUM with a coverage factor of k = 3). 5) Thermal Resistance: Rth max is based on statistic values (6σ). 6) Typical Values: Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of semiconductor devices, the typical data or calculated correlations of technical parameters can only reflect statistical figures. These do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product, which could differ from the typical data and calculated correlations or the typical characteristic line. If requested, e.g. because of technical improvements, these typ. data will be changed without any further notice. 7) Characteristic curve: In the range where the line of the graph is broken, you must expect higher differences between single devices within one packing unit. 8) Tolerance of Measure: Unless otherwise noted in drawing, tolerances are specified with ±0.1 and dimensions are specified in mm. 9) Tape and Reel: All dimensions and tolerances are specified acc. IEC 60286-3 and specified in mm.

    出口採購統明亮DOM INANT 0.5W 红光D6 A-SKG灯珠[2021-09-03 16:54:37]

    出口採購統明亮DOM INANT 0.5W 红光D6 A-SKG灯珠,年年用量500万左右,带客户贴片出口欧美,报含税价格,提供规格书。                     广东 东莞

    採購LED 灯珠[2021-07-05 10:23:09]

    採購LED 灯珠,EZDL-5C660  LED-5mm-UV  25,样品,先报价。            北京

    電子公司採購1608灯珠[2021-03-01 18:09:36]

    電子公司採購1608灯珠,每月20万颗+,请对接。            广东 广州

    出口採購DOMINANT品牌灯珠[2021-02-22 17:43:07]

    出口採購DOMINANT品牌灯珠,20000颗/月,到日本,1608的灯珠,一盘是多少?一盘多少钱?          广东 广州

    採購MAW-KZHG-T2T3-LK-VX统明亮灯珠[2020-08-05 06:49:46]

    採購MAW-KZHG-T2T3-LK-VX统明亮灯珠 ,有一个案子计划用这款灯珠,每月160000只左右 ,请对接。          广东 深圳

    配套採購LED灯珠 丰田合成灯珠[2020-07-20 11:23:54]

    配套採購LED灯珠 丰田合成灯珠,新案子,首单要200000(20万)个,我自己生产要,寻长期合作的厂商对接,按下面这个规格参数,请提供报价,采购周期,谢谢。       广东 中山 SMD2835灯珠、色温5800-6500K、 6. 0-6. 4V-LED灯珠,1W, RA>80,亮度>125LM, PCT铜支架,纯金线99.99%欧司朗(GW-JTLQSI.EM, LY-31-D/F)

    採購豐田合成燈珠[2020-06-15 13:29:10]

    採購豐田合成燈珠,厚度0.6mm的灯珠,2835 1W 6V 6500K 和 2835 1W 6V 2700K先各要50PCS,什么价格?      上海

    配套採購LED灯珠[2020-06-02 09:46:50]

    配套採購LED灯珠,DSW-HSG-XY1-I1L5 LED-3508这款,现在打样阶段,先要200,审核通过就开始批量生产。      江苏 昆山